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23/09/2010 00:54

Baby in the Snow

My first international sale!  Check this story out on the online zine


Dragon's Tale

Dragon's Composed

This story published in Dragon's Composed by Kerlak Publishing is a funny twist on a traditional fairy tale.


Nellandra's Keeper

My story Nellandra's Keeper is in this outstanding anthology pubished in November 2009.  Marion Zimmer Bradley is one of the greatest fantasy writers and I was honored to be in this wonderful anthology.


Fang Rot!

Escape Clause the app! Glorious speculative short stories by brilliant authors are now available for download on your iPhone! I read everywhere: on buses, at the dentist office, in restaurants, and


Not Human

My original short story "Not Human" came out July 2010 in this great Canadian SF Magazine.



Amazing Journeys Magazine -Presents -A Forest of One

Found a review of this story in from 2004.    Thank you Mr. Blackston!

Daniel E. Blackston's Firebrand Fiction, 10/10/04

Teresa Howard offers an imaginative and heartfelt story, "A Forest of One." This tale is told from the POV of a transplanted, and I mean transplanted tree. Some nice sub-plotting with Mother Earth and particularly forgivable "parasites", that is homo-sapiens, help coax this warm-spirited tale from a simple lesson on ecology to a more primal lesson about the reciprocity of Nature and humankind, wherever our strange race shall travel. A very good story written with tenderness and sincerity.



Putting on the Blue

A Nelari childrens tale



Storm At Hailer


Check out my short story, The Long Blue Hall.,  in "Read It Again"


Dead In Me -

This ghostly tale of possession and redemption can be found in Summer Gothic = Editor Jared Millet


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